Secure Destruction

The SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility offers an ideal opportunity for the secure and environmentally safe incineration of all types of confidential documents and products.

Subject to a pre-approved Secure Disposal Assessment, customers must pre-book disposal visit via our enquiry link .
Upon arrival vehicle(s) are weighed in on our computerised weighbridge and then directed into our tipping hall for unloading.  Once unloaded the material is securely fed into the boiler feed chutes for destruction via incineration.
24 hr CCTV survelliance cameras closely monitor disposal visit and upon request Customers personnel can also witness destruction via our control room monitors.
Upon completion a Waste Destruction Certificate can be issued on the day or via email giving Customer full destruction audit trail.


If you need to get in touch, please fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as they can.