Our environment statement

Outlined below are the eight steps of our environment statement.

Environment Protection and Enhancement
SELCHP is committed to improving the environment.
Waste Reduction, Recycling, Treatment and Disposal
SELCHP will work to minimise the impact, and the amount of waste generated by us and others.
SELCHP is committed to the conservation of nature, and will manage the property in such a way that it will protect and enhance the natural and urban environment on and around the property.
Wise use of Energy
SELCHP will make every reasonable effort to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy resources.
SELCHP is committed to comply with all legal requirements and to implement programs and procedures to ensure compliance.
Risk Reduction
SELCHP will operate in a manner designed to minimise environmental, health or safety hazards.
Public Policy and Public Education
SELCHP will provide information to, and will assist the public in understanding the environmental impacts of its activities.
Traffic Management
SELCHP will discourage unnecessary traffic, plan routes and promote traffic management where the environment is being affected by congestion and noise or where personal safety is at risk.


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