Different types of waste

Our facility is designed to handle and treat normal domestic refuse and similar waste. This is defined under ‘acceptable’ and ‘unacceptable’ waste below.

‘Acceptable’ waste means household waste and commercial waste (defined by the SELCHP Environment Agency Permit with reference to the European Waste Catalogue) which is considered suitable for incineration. The type of waste that is accepted at SELCHP for treatment is: ‘waste and refuse normally collected and disposed of by residential households and commercial or institutional establishments’. This does not include wastes in quantities and concentrations which need special handling in their processing and disposal, for example bulky items, waste oil and other items of ‘unacceptable’ waste. To avoid doubt, Hazardous Waste as defined by the Hazardous Waste Directive (Council Directive 91/689/ECJ) is not acceptable waste.
Group 62
Group 64
Group 66
Grass and plant cuttings
Group 144
Group 70
Group 72
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Group 74
Group 134
Other household refuse materials
Processing any of the following materials may cause severe injury and damage:
Group 90
Group 92
Builders waste, liquid waste, non-burnable construction material, demolition debris; especially plasterboard or gyproc board
Group 94
Gas cylinders, beer kegs or any other pressure cylinders
Group 96
Petrol, oils, greases, solvents or paints
Group 98
Animal or human remains or waste
Group 100
Acid or caustic substances
Group 102
Clinical, pathological and biological wastes
Group 104
Asbestos substances
Group 106
Tree trunks
Group 109
Large quantities of sulphur containing materials
Group 111
Machinery other than small household items
Group 113
Drugs or poisons
Group 115
Motor vehicle parts and other large machinery*
Group 117
Items weighing more than 25kg each
Group 120
Items larger than 1.2 m
Group 122
Domestic ‘white goods’ e.g. fridges, freezers and washing machines etc.
*motor vehicle batteries, motor cycles, motor engines, transmissions, rear ends, springs, fenders or major parts of motor vehicles, trailers, agricultural equipment, marine vessels or similar items, farm and other large machinery


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