We actively support the community

for charitable, education and community-based projects in the area

We monitor our performance 24 hours a day

in order to ensure we meet stringent emission levels

We supply power for 48,000 homes

generated from the energy recovered from the waste we collect

Using waste to provide energy for the community

Rising waste production, diminishing landfill capacity and increasing regulation are issues which affect everyone. In a city the size of London, logistical problems of moving waste to a disposal site add more pressure to find sensible waste management solutions that address the “proximity principle”; minimising unnecessary transportation and taking responsibility for local waste production.

Our Facility
Discover the process of energy recovery at SELCHP.
Energy Recovered
Energy recovery provides a long term sustainable solution for waste disposal. Once the options of waste reduction, re-use and recycling are exhausted, residual waste can be sent to Energy Recovery Facilities to produce power for the National Grid.
Community Benefits
Throughout the working life of the facility, SELCHP has maintained a close relationship with the community.
Your Waste
With up to 460,000 tonnes of waste processed each year, SELCHP delivers a safe and affordable service for the disposal of the waste of many London residents.


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