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SELCHP in Open House London 17 September 2017
SELCHP to host Open Day on Sunday, 17 September...
SELCHP celebrates quarter of a million mark for community fund
In the last 24 years over £275,000 has been awarded to...

Using waste to provide energy for the community

*Rising waste production, diminishing landfill capacity and increasing regulation are issues which affect everyone. In a city the size of London, logistical problems of moving waste to a disposal site add more pressure to find sensible waste management solutions that address the "proximity principle"; minimising unnecessary transportation and taking responsibility for local waste production.


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What is SELCHP?
SELCHP is an Energy Recovery Facility built by the public & private sector.
Power & Heat for homes
District Heating
Supplying heat to homes in partnership with the London Borough of Southwark
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Take a tour
Take a virtual tour of SELCHP with our interactive plant schematic.